Secrets of the Bible

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The study of the Bible is a lifelong pursuit, and there are many teachings within its veiled text. Bringing forward a fresh and relevant message about our purpose and how to make life better, kabbalistic scholar, Michael Berg, imparts wisdom from decades of research and sources unique to his lineage. Gems of insight from the Zohar, Rav Berg, Rav Ashlag, Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari), and other known kabbalists are complemented by lessons from the ages. Kabbalists believe that the Bible is not just a book of stories or a historical archive of events: It is a guide to understanding the nature of this world, life, and the planet. Although these events physically took place thousands of years ago, there are transcendent fundamentals hidden within each tale. Michael drills through complex concepts to reveal essential truths. He utilizes biblical texts to expand our perception of seeing God in everything and everyone. Although Michael shares ideas that can awaken a desire for transformation, his gift is another view of the Bible and its secrets.


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